If you’re thinking about retirement in the next five years, it might be a good idea to give your plans a test drive to see if what you are planning for is something you can live with in the future.  When you finally retire, you will be working with a smaller budget and making other notable changes.  Practicing these changes beforehand can go a long way to testing your expectations, as well as easing you into retirement and reducing the shock.

Here is a retirement test drive check-list for you to follow:

1. Adopt your retiree budget.  Begin using only the amount that you have estimated to be available to you every month once you retire.  Then create a monthly budget that will work within that income amount.
2. Go ahead and downsize if that’s your plan eventually.
3. Transfer your transportation.  If you plan on utilizing public transportation more after retirement, consider trying it now to see if it is something that you can live with later.
4. Explore your intended retirement hobbies and activities now. 
5. Get involved with your new location.  If you are planning on moving to a new city or neighborhood, become familiar with the area and the people.

Giving your retirement plan a trial run can prepare you for a more enjoyable retirement.

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