Project Management

Project management is an ever-changing artform. That said, the chief goal of all successful project managers should be to deliver projects that meet stakeholder requirements on time and on budget. Oftentimes, companies give the responsibility of managing key projects to operational team members who are not trained in the discipline of proven project management methodologies. Sometimes companies with a well-developed project management office and talented project managers task their teams with managing too many projects. In both cases, critical projects are at risk of an unsuccessful completion. This can end up costing a company significant time and money. If either of these situations sounds familiar, it is time to call Lohman Company. Our accomplished project management professionals are ready and waiting to drive your project to completion.

Our Project Professionals are dedicated experts in the field of project management who can always say, “We’ve been there and done that.” They are knowledgeable in a wide range of methodologies and are prepared to work side-by-side with your existing teams. Lohman Company Project Professionals will not only provide the extra horsepower needed to successfully complete projects, but also offer an independent view of the challenges you face.

Each of our projects is staffed by a client service team with deep experience in project management leadership. Our client service teams have been in our clients’ shoes. We build effective, long-lasting relationships by becoming trusted business partners and advisors. Additionally, our Project Professionals and clients service teams have the backing and support of a high-quality top 25 Arizona based public accounting firm.

Our mindset of high integrity, quality, and long-lasting relationships, combined with the experience and flexibility of our Project Professionals, sets us apart from everyone else.

Where we can help:

  • System evaluation and selection
  • System implementation
  • Rescue of projects in distress
  • Non-system related project management
  • Establishment of Program Management Office (PMO)
  • Project management process improvement