Running a business has its ups and downs. Sometimes you encounter problems when things don’t go according to plan and you start to dig yourself into a good old-fashioned rut. One way to get out of this funk is to ask yourself questions about what’s going on. Below are three questions to ask yourself when you need a boost of positive attitude:  

What is going on around you? Be mindful of the details as to what’s going on within your organization. Ask questions about your departments, your competitors, anything to help you focus on the current conditions of your business.

So what does this mean? Asking “what” keeps you engaged in what’s going on around you, but asking “so what” makes you determine why those details are important. You may realize you were spending time analyzing things you thought were important and ignoring the things that were causing your rut.

Now what do you do? Now that you have an understanding of what’s going on around you and why those issues are important, you can develop a game plan to address the problems. Not all plans are foolproof, so be ready to adjust and change up your strategy if need be.

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