“We have a long history with Lohman Company and I can’t imagine working with any other CPA firm. From the beginning, they have been fully engaged in understanding me and my business. When you run a company for over 30 years, there will undoubtedly be some challenges along the way. Lohman Company has advised us at every turn and bump in the road and we have always come out successful in the end.

Their expertise and willingness to listen to our needs has benefited our business immensely. Having critical financial information when I need it, along with a trusted objective opinion, is invaluable.  I respect and value our relationship with Lohman Company and have come to count on the excellent guidance they provide.” – Don Richardson, President, Arizona Fireplaces


“Working with Lohman Company has been a revelation for us. Previous accounting firms have provided us with the basics – crunching numbers and filling out forms. With Lohman Company, we get so much more. They are true advisors; partners who work with us to develop the best plan for our business. The guidance and insight they provide has benefited Tube Specialties significantly.

Our team at Lohman Company is professional, reliable, proactive and extremely knowledgeable. They keep us on our toes and headed in the right direction. Not only are they experts in their business, they are experts in my business. The time they take to get to know their clients and understand their individual situations goes above and beyond. Never would I have expected my old accounting firm to sit down with me for 4-5 hours and talk about year-end tax planning. With Lohman Company, it’s a given.” – John Costabile, President, Tube Specialties, Inc.

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“I can’t say that I have dealt with too many businesses that have exceeded my expectations, but Lohman Company is an exception. Their service is impeccable. They are reliable, accessible and responsive. Rather than just producing financial statements or tax returns, Lohman Company digs in deep to understand the big picture of my business. They offer expert guidance, practical suggestions and innovative ideas. They are about solutions, not roadblocks.

Engaging Lohman Company as our CPA firm has been one of the best investments we have made. Knowing you have an advisor that you trust implicitly and can count on for solid, straight-forward advice is worth its weight in gold. ” – Sandy Catour, CFO, Audacious Studios, LLC

Phoenix Pathologists, Ltd.

“We have been a Lohman Company client for over 10 years. They are true professionals and have taken the time to really understand our practice and the issues that affect us. Our Lohman Company team assists with a multitude of financial and business matters, ranging from payroll to taxes to advising on partnership agreements. We count on them to keep us informed and on track.

I know without a doubt that they are looking out for our interests and doing everything they can to help our practice succeed.” – Dr. Andrew Dodge, President, Phoenix Pathologists, Ltd.


“Our relationship with Lohman Company is not the typical client-vendor relationship. They are a partner. They know my business inside and out and understand our needs and challenges. Their professionalism, knowledge and commitment are unmatched.  Unlike many CPA firms, they don’t wait for me to call them. If there is something I need to know or a decision that needs to be made, they communicate it immediately.

Working with Lohman Company over the last 12 years has allowed me to make smart decisions and grow my business. I have complete confidence in the guidance they provide and consider them a trusted ally in our success.” – Larry Henk, CEO/Owner, Premier Waste Services, Inc.


“We needed a firm of professionals who specialized in small to medium companies to see us steadily through our rapid growth, and the various changes in accounting and tax issues. We were very fortunate to be referred to Lohman Company, and have been fortunate ever since! Their follow up and follow through is excellent, and we would not hesitate to recommend Lohman Company to any of our business colleagues. Thank you Lohman Company for your extraordinary services and knowledge.”—Mauri Congleton, President of Casetech, Inc.

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“Lohman Company has been wonderful to work with over the past five years. They were willing to take on our organization when no one else would and have shown a strong dedication to helping us succeed. Their expertise and patience in helping us navigate nonprofit accounting has been extraordinary. They are a highly competent firm staffed by friendly, goodhearted people who always respond to our needs and clearly care about their community. I would recommend Lohman Company to any nonprofit organization in need of a dedicated accounting team.” – Denise Gary, Executive Director – Kids Need to Read

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“Lohman Company’s professionalism and proactive approach have been the biggest benefits of working with their firm. I value how the team notifies, educates and prepares us for upcoming changes to the industry. Their expertise has helped us build a stronger, and more fiscally responsible, business. Additionally, their knowledgeable team has been instrumental in helping us reorganize our estate plan. The relationship they have built, professionally and personally, has been top notch!”– Kenneth G. –Family member and Manager with real estate and investments