Integra International® is an interactive global association of local independent Accounting and Consulting firms dedicated to exchanging information and advising growing businesses and professionals.  It is an interactive association of CPA’s, CA’s and Business Advisors that share knowledge openly and regularly.  Members offer expanded professional services to their clients, including meeting their national and international needs.  Each member firm retains its name and independence.  English is the working language for the association and all members must have proficiency in it.

All member firms are local and owned by successful partners who understand the unique culture of the owner-managed business.  As independent owner-managers, the member firms are committed to the highest professional standards, a full understanding of client needs and strategy and adding value to clients through innovative solutions.

Founded in 1994, Integra International® has individual firms worldwide enabling clients to conduct global business.  Each firm has partners experienced in advising clients engaged in international business as well as local.  Particular importance is placed on bridging cultural and linguistic differences between negotiating parties—a vital catalyst for a successful transaction.

Each member firm is independent and no partnership, implied or otherwise, exists between member firms by reason of their membership in Integra International®.

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