Successful tax planning is the culmination of year-round effort. Lohman Company believes in working with you throughout the year to develop a clear picture of your goals and objectives. Communication is key because by getting to know you better, we get to know your financial situation better. With that knowledge, we can provide strategic planning and consulting services that will minimize your tax liability and maximize your compliance.

As part of our commitment to learning about you, our tax planning team continually monitors state and federal regulatory environments for changes that will impact our clients. In addition to our tax professionals, we have access to nationally and internationally recognized experts through our membership in Integra International.

Tax Planning & Compliance

We offer the following tax planning and compliance services for business:

Tax Preparation

Multi-State Tax Preparation

Tax Exempt Preparation

Private Foundation Preparation

Tax Planning

Corporate Restructuring

Succession Planning

Business Structure Planning

Representation on Audits with the IRS or other taxing agencies

Tax Research

Merger and Acquisition

Transactional Planning