The Arizona Department of Revenue (ADOR) is advising Arizona taxpayers to be aware of a scam this tax filing season, which has been reported in other states and by the IRS.

Known as the “fake tax refund scam”, it involves thieves finding ways to steal client data from tax professionals. The criminals then take the stolen data to file fraudulent tax returns and use the taxpayers’ real bank accounts to deposit those tax refunds. 

Once the fraudulent tax refunds are deposited, the thieves – pretending to be IRS or other law enforcement representatives – contact the taxpayers and point out the refund was made in error and ask taxpayers to return the money to them. 

The Department of Revenue is advising taxpayers who receive a refund that they were not expecting to report it immediately to ADOR’s Identity Theft Call Center at, Local: (602) 716-6300, Toll free: (800) 352-4090 or

As a reminder, the Arizona Department of Revenue will never call and demand immediate payment to a debit card or wire transfer. If you are unsure of the authenticity of a caller, request the name and title of the individual, and contact ADOR Customer Care, which will then transfer you back to the representative. The Department’s Customer Care Center can be reached at Local: (602) 255-3381, Toll-free: (800) 352-4090.


*This information was taken from a press release directly administered by ADOR.*