As online banking becomes more and more popular, the harder it is for people to keep track of multiple accounts. The more accounts you have, the more likely you are to miss a payment, pay off debt and make mistakes. By simplifying your online banking accounts, you will minimize those mistakes and maybe even be able to take advantage of a few benefits while you’re at it:

Consolidate bank accounts. If you have multiple accounts, more than likely you have a small amount of money in those accounts. To avoid overdraft fees, it would benefit you to combine your accounts. This not only makes it easier to keep track of you balances, but cuts down on paying multiple charge fees as well.

Spend less time monitoring your finances. After consolidating your credit cards, you’ll be better able to monitor your money. You can pinpoint exactly what you are spending your money on and where you may be able to cut back and save.

Consolidate credit cards and loan balances. It’s easier to pay off one large amount than multiple small ones, which is why consolidating your debt can be a motivation boost to pay it off.

Set up automatic payments. This will eliminate any late payments and further reduce the amount of time you spend tracking your finances. However, it’s crucial that you always know you will have enough money in your account to cover your expenses.

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