The IRS recently released its annual list of the top 12 tax scams, updated for the 2019 filing season. The list includes a number of popular tax cons, with phishing and phone scams among the most frequent. Keep reading for a look at the 2019 Dirty Dozen.

  1. Falsifying income to claim (or max out) the earned income tax credit (EITC) and filing fake Forms 1099-MISC
  2. Padding deductions and/or credits
  3. Tax preparers promising inflated returns
  4. Tax preparers perpetrating refund fraud and other scams
  5. Tax-related identity theft
  6. “Vishing” (a.k.a. voice phishing, a.k.a. phone scams)
  7. Phishing schemes
  8. Fake charities carrying out charitable contribution scams
  9. Falsely claiming business credits (e.g., research tax credit, fuel tax credit, etc.)
  10. Tax evasion using offshore accounts
  11. Frivolous legal claims to avoid paying taxes
  12. Various tax schemes, including abusive tax shelters, trusts, and conservation easements

If you suspect that you have been recently targeted, please contact your Lohman Company tax professional and visit the IRS website to file a report.

For more details, visit the Journal of Accountancy.