Recruiting and retaining employees are often two of the hardest tasks experienced by businesses. Companies often fail at this because they go into the hiring process with the notion that they will recruit good candidates and train them, rather than hire people who already have the specific skill sets needed. Companies need to understand that it’s not always about the number of applications you receive, it’s about recruiting the type of applicants that will be the best fit.

One of the biggest retention problems is that expectations don’t match up with the realities of the job. One easy way to prevent this is to be honest and accurate about the position and company. Doing so will attract the type of people you want to apply and scare away the ones you don’t. Unfortunately, not many companies do this because they don’t want to speak poorly of their organization or job in any way. As a result, they get tons of resumes from applicants who don’t have the type of talent they’re looking for.

Instead of blaming your poor employee retention on a talent shortage, take a look in the mirror and ask what you can do to improve the recruiting process. For more information on the best hiring policies, please visit CFO Magazine.