The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 was signed into law by the President on January 2, 2013. The approved plan maintains tax cuts for individuals earning less than $400,000 per year and couples earning less than $450,000. The bill also extends unemployment insurance, delays for two months a series of automatic cuts in federal spending, permanently “patches” the alternative minimum tax (AMT), and provides for a maximum estate tax of 40 percent with a $5 million exclusion.

Click here for a detailed look at the following aspects of the new legislation.

•Framework of Agreement
•Sunsets Affecting Individuals
•Income Tax Rates for Individuals
•Pease Limitation
•Personal Exemption Phaseout
•Capital Gains/Dividends Sunsets
•Alternative Minimum Tax
•Individual Credits/Deductions
•Education Sunsets
•Business-Specific Sunsets
•Federal Estate, Gift and GST Taxes
•Tax-Exempt Bonds

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